Fujyo's career What is Bunjin-ga? inquire

I have been painting as a process in order to know myself deeply,
and in order to know "bunjin-ga"

Works and performance
Carving ceramics
Awarded the contest
Japaneas Art Exhibition
Japanese restaurant,Dallas
Southwest Watercolor Society
Key of Dallas City
Westin Hotel
Jouraku temple
movie set"edo-jo-tairan"
Tosen temple
China's painting circles,Dallas
Doll museum in Kyoto
Culture center in Fuso
Kyukoku temple
16rakan at Kenso temple
Children's museum in Pittburgh
Dragon and 16rakan
Nagoya dome
Momosuke bridge
Kagaku temple
500rakans at Kenso temple
Shanghai Shinnyoji

Head of the huge campus of 1000meters long.